Quick Craft is a prototype originally made for Jamcraft 4. Written in Pico-8 in~8 hours. One of the things I find most frustrating in crafting games is that taking the time to craft something can break up what would otherwise be fast-paced, and exciting gameplay. What I'm experimenting with here is one way to create a simple and fast crafting interface for a bullet hell style game.


Press Z to pick up an item, press X to combine it with another item. Run into enemies to deal damage. Pick stuff up, mash it together Macgyver style! Press Z and X together to restart the level.


Update 12/8: Spent some time refining the original prototype and experimented with new play styles for this quick craft mechanic. Here's a change log:

  • Re-skinned entire game
  • Experimented with puzzles/combat
  • Implemented a bunch of new levels
  • Added a new enemy type (the rabbit)
  • Worked on feedback/sfx
  • Bug fixes

Update 11/30: (Apologies for bugs and lack of polish-- Thanksgiving was this week and I haven't had as much time to work on this as I'd like. I think there might be something to this idea, so I'll likely be updating this page with more content soon 😄)

Made withPICO-8

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