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Team up with the Rad L.A.D.D.S (Ladd's Addition Demon Destroy Squad) to take down the midnight man who is wrecking havoc on your little Portland neighborhood! Be careful... you never know if he's around the next corner.

Many have heard the tale of the Midnight Man. While many assumed it was a silly children's game, those who have actually played the Midnight Man's game know all to real what the truth is.
The game goes like so: Participants must turn off all of the lights in their house and light candles. One participant must knock on the front door to the house 22 times such that on the 22nd knock the clock strikes 12:01am. From then on you have summoned the Midnight Man into your home until the clock strikes 3:33am. If the Midnight Man is at risk of harming you, simply surround yourself in a ring of salt for protection.

This is the story of the night the Midnight Man got out of the house.

Created for the PIGSquad Summer Slow Jams 2018 July Edition

Rad Ladds vs The Midnight Man is a 4-player local coop game. Controllers required for game play.


Michelle Chen- 2D Art and Design

Mark Nerys- 3D Art and Design

Nick McCormick- Unity Programmer

Tristan Damron- Unity Programmer, Project Manager

Filbert McAlister- Generalist Story Writing

Jeff Cline- Sound Design

Nate Flemming- Generalist Story Writing

Eric Pugh- Backup Unity Programmer




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It has an interesting mix of visual elements, the "retro filter", some glitching and even a heat effect. It's also an interesting game in gameplay-wise, after you get the hang of it. Nice jam game overall.

If you're interested, you're welcome to enter our Game Development World Championship!