[1/11/2018] New Team, New Features, More Coop

Hello all!

First and foremost, thank you to all of those play-testers who provided constructive feedback. I'm super excited to hear that people are enjoying the game so far, and I want to make sure that your feedback is heard! :)

Based on that feedback, the following things have been patched:

  • Customers now spawn at a rate of one per package. [DEMO]
  • Boxes don't collide with each other, and can't be picked up in a stack. [DEMO]
  • Packages no longer randomly glitch through walls. [DEMO]
  • Made the lower hallway less narrow. [DEMO]
  • Re-balanced prices for upgrades [DEMO]

The following features have also been added:

  • Tooltips rise over the players head when they walk over an upgrade and they can afford it. [DEMO]
  • Tooltips rise over customer's heads so you know if they  are angry or not. [DEMO]
  • Customers now have a tolerance value that decays over time.
    • If a customer's tolerance gets too low, they "Go Postal" and begin breaking your equipment.
    • Customers also track mud through the post office, or vomit which lowers the tolerance of the customers as well.
  • Players can pick up a broom and clean up the messes the customers make.
  • Upgrade areas are now a different color to make them more visible.

One of the biggest pieces of feedback was that the game didn't feel "coop-y" enough. In order to fix this, I've attempted to add more chaos into the game that requires players to work together to maintain a stable post office. Ideally, these features would keep any significant downtime from happening, so players will always have something to do.

Please note that some features will only be available in the final game! Only features listed with the [DEMO] tag are present in the demo.

Here's a quick gif of some of the new features in action!

In other news, I'm happy to announce that this is no longer a solo project! Going Postal will now be developed by myself, (programming, game design,) Kennen Hembree, (Art,) and Aaron Orr, (Audio Design.) We are all very excited about the direction that the game is taking, and I hope that our passion and excitement shows in the final product! 

That's it for this devlog! If you are interested in Going Postal, be sure to check back here for more information about the development of our game. :) 

- Tristan 

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